$8 House-Cut Fries and Mayo

Fresh house punched thick cut French fries with a side of Frankie’s family style in house made Mayo.

20$/6 Fresh shucked Van Isle Oysters

Hand shucked served on the half shell with a splash of our own Tequila and pickled onion mignonette. Ask your server what were shucking today!

14$ Crispy Panko Cod

BC wild caught cod, panko crusted, flash fried and served on our house blended spicy hoisin sauce with a drizzle of Japanese mayo and Frankies own jalapeno hot sauce.

16$ Caesar Salad

Your choice of pork belly or hand peeled shrimp on top of select Romaine lettuce with in house Caesar dressing, plenty of grana Padano cheese and a garlic crostini on top.

12$ Pickled Veg and Mixed Greens

Like just about everything on the menu, we house pickle our own hand cut veggies, make a tasty grainy Dijon vinaigrette, and toss it with some fresh greens.

15$ Hoisin BBQ Duck Wings

A local favourite, Canada’s best, Brome lake QC duck wings, tossed in spicy hoisin with a splash of jalapeno hot sauce. One order might not be enough!

15$ Shrimp Risotto Balls

Canadian for “arancini”, we take our tasty hand peeled shrimp and stuff them insidethese panko crusted, flash fried risotto balls. Served on top of a zesty tomato sauce with basil and balsamic reduction.

23$ West Coast Shellfish Bowl and Fries

Mussels or clams? Why not both!? Fresh island shellfish cooked just right with a delightful white wine tomato sauce. Local’s tip – Save some fries the leftover sauce.

21$ Frankie’s Veggie Mac and Cheese

Simply not your average Mac & Cheese! One taste and you’ll be asking for the recipe!

Add brisket +3$

19$ Brisket Poutine

A real Quebec style poutine, with real cheese curds, loads of brisket chunks, caramelized onion and sautéed mushrooms.

Add a slice of crispy pork belly 6$.


16$ Le Cheeseburger

6oz fresh BC beef patty on a brioche bun with a healthy heap of fresh cut French fries.

Add BACON 2$ / Add Poutine 5$

25$ Smoked Meatball Pasta

A house blend of ground pork and beef smoked meatballs! Sitting on linguini noodles and made-with-love tomato sauce. Because sometimes it’s the basics that are the best!

30$ Brisket BBQ

This is the good stuff everyone is talking about! Slow smoked for 13 hours. Sauced up in our Gluten free Beer maple BBQ sauce and served with mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, and a slice of Frankie’s famous cornbread!

30$ Pork Belly BBQ

What happens when you take BC pork belly and give it over 30 hours of in house preparation? A piece of pork belly you’ll wanna write home about! Crispy crackling skin with a rich and tender inside. Finished with our house Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce. Mashed, veg and cornbread too!

MP$ Tidal Seafood Linguini

Like the ever moving tides, our seafood pasta ingredients change with the freshest seafood available! Ask your server what we’re cooking up fresh today!







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